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2017 NFL Draft: Titans have met with DE Taco Charlton

A bit of an odd fit.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We are starting to see the prospect-team meetings come out in full force. Yesterday, Michigan pass rusher Taco Charlton broke the news that he had met with the Titans already.

On the surface, Taco seems like an odd fit. His 6-6, 270+ pound frame would seem to fit better in a 4-3 base. He’s not all that different from Kevin Dodd, size-wise. But this is becoming a theme. Dick LeBeau likes size on the edges, so Charlton may fit his mold.

But is Charlton worth passing up a corner or receiver for? I’m not so sure. He wouldn’t start over Brian Orakpo or Derrick Morgan this season. He’d be a future piece. Planning for the future is great, but I’d rather get a guy who would make more of an instant impact.

The book on Taco is inconsistency. He’s a slightly above average athlete with great size and length, but just 19 sacks in 33 career games is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. 10 of those came in 2016 alone, so maybe he would fit the Titans production threshold.

I think there’s a minimal shot of Charlton landing in Nashville at pick 18, but he’s at least on the radar for now.