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Christian McCaffrey only doing wide receiver drills at Stanford’s Pro Day


Stanford v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Christian McCaffrey is one of the more interesting prospects in this draft. He is an excellent football player. No one questions that. The only question about him is what he is in the NFL. Well, maybe McCaffery helped answer that question today at Stanford’s Pro Day:

Terry and I talked about McCaffery briefly at the end of Tuesday’s MCM Radio. He probably profiles as a slot receiver in the NFL. Doesn’t he look like a guy the Patriots would draft, plug in as their slot guy and go for 100 catches? Yep, he does to me as well.

There is a really good read on McCaffery from Greg Cosell here.

So, would the Titans consider him at 18? Of course the answer is none of us really know. The Titans need a slot receiver, but they have much bigger needs that they will probably look to address with the 18th pick.

So my guess is that McCaffery doesn’t end up in the two-toned blue, but I look forward to watching his career wherever he does go.