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NFL Draft 2017: Sidney Jones says he will play this season

Good news!

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Sidney Jones was considered by many to be the top corner in the 2017 NFL Draft. That was obviously of interest to the Titans because they need to draft #allthecorners. Jones ruptured his Achilles last week at Washington’s Pro Day. It was tough to see that happen to a guy that was so close to realizing his draft.

Well Jones shared some good news on Twitter today:

It is going to be interesting to see where Jones goes in this draft. He is optimistic about playing this season. My guess is that NFL teams won’t be quite as optimistic.

Jones will be a steal in this draft if he falls out of the first round. It will take a team that is willing to pretty much write off the 2017 season for Jones. That doesn’t mean that he won’t play, but whatever you get from him is gravy.

Where would you be comfortable with the Titans taking a flier on Jones?