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Can Dick LeBeau “cook up something” for Sylvester Williams?

One anonymous executive doesn’t think so.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Titans GM Jon Robinson said in an interview on The Midday 180 that he was confident that Titans defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau could cook something up for Sylvester Williams. Well one NFL executive says that isn’t something that can be done for a player signed in free agency (In$ider):

"People think Dick LeBeau is going to come up with stuff to unlock players' skill sets," an exec said. "That is what you cannot do in free agency. It is like getting married and you are going to change your spouse. You have to sign guys who you know what they do and can put them in position to do that. You will not change what they do."

Look, I am sure that this NFL executive is really smart, I mean how else would he get to be an NFL executive...was what I was thinking until I remember that Ruston Webster is an NFL executive.

Look, people have questioned most of the moves that Robinson has made in his first year on the job. He has come out ahead on most of those moves. I will choose to trust him in this one until I see otherwise on the field.