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Goodbye, Valentino Blake. Thanks for the memories

So long. Farewell.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Valentino Blake was only with the Titans for one season, but he left us a lifetime of memories. Remember how he was named Antwaun Blake when the Titans signed him and he changed his name to Valentino? It didn’t help.

There was also the time the Titans recovered a fumble and Blake jumped up and pointed the wrong direction. That earned him an appearance on “Come On Man.”

Then there was the time where Blake fielded a punt at the 2 yard line after it went over Marc Mariani’s head. Fans were giving him a hard time on Twitter so he lashed out. That was fun.

Anyway, all of that because Blake signed with the Giants today. Their secondary is loaded, so maybe he can be hidden enough there that he won’t look as bad as he did when the Titans started him on the outside.

Fans in NY are pumped about Blake. You can tell from all of the favorites and retweets he is getting:

(h/t @BucketHeadTN)