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Tennessee Titans News Links: "...we're open for business."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans are open for business! Jon Robinson has stated that the team would consider trading away the 5th pick in the draft. That honestly isn't much of a surprise considering he traded away the number one pick last off-season. He said it is a two way street though, and there has to be someone who would want to trade with them, but they are open to having some talks. Robinson said it's all about evaluating how things are going before and even during the draft, and that it's still a little early in the process for all of that. He said the team is more likely to make a trade during the draft because of their draft position this year. Discussions on scenarios are had, so they can at least have some framework of mind when they are "under the gun." Jim Wyatt also lists off six other hot topics from Jon Robinson at the NFL Combine. He talks about how active the Titans will be during free agency, on how he feels about Mariota's progress, the plan for Murray and Henry, on if the Titans can count on Dodd, on the potential of trading the fifth pick, and how QBs going early in the draft would help them out. Speaking of QBs: Joe Rexrode says that Mariota is still the Titans' number one off-season question. Rexrode breaks down how there is haziness around his timetable for recovery and how there is a lack of clarity around just how severe his injury was.

Bonus Links!
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