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Titans podcast MCM Radio tonight at 9 PM central

Lambert and I are back tonight for a new episode of MCM radio.

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Lambert and I will be back tonight at 9 PM central with a new episode of MCM Radio. You can listen live here. We will start the show talking with the artist formerly known as August West. He has been a staple of MCM Radio for something like 7 years. August is moving on to do something different. He will tell you a little bit about that.

The rest of the episode talking NFL free agency. We will talk about where the new additions to the team- where they fit and how it might affect what the Titans do in the first round of the draft. We will also talk about some of the guys that we hoped they would sign that ended up elsewhere.

Please tune in. We would love for you to give us any feedback that you have on the show. You can also leave questions here on this post or on Twitter using #MCMRadio.