Titans Tuesday Links

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[Editor's note]: Lindsey hasn't been doing links because he is out on paternity leave after the birth of his first child, so wish him congratulations in the comments. A huge thanks to STT for putting this together. -Jimmy

Titans offered Saints flip of 5th and 11th picks, third-rounder for Brandin Cooks

Saints got a little more value from the Patriots trade, but I'm glad JRob held firm, while Cooks would've been a great addition I wonder how much the drop off might have been once he was out of Brees/Payton Offense. With him now going to a Brady/Belichek Offense we may never know.

ICYMI: Hightower did not visit the Titans and general belief is that he will return to the Pats

Not the end of the world. I was a big on Hightower, but it makes sense he would return to a team that is coming off a super bowl win and who can blame the guy for taking his time? It's his birthday week, teams are flying him to their cities on their dime, free dinners, new places, offered millions for his services. I would milk that for all its worth.

Weems is introduced

Another guy with super bowl experience signed, I really dig what Robinson has been doing, the arrow is pointing up, we have the cap space for the upcoming mammoth contracts of Lewan, Mariota, and anyone else. No need to over reach until we absolutely have to.

Texas Proverb of the Day: When you throw dirt, you lose ground.