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Best of the Rest for the Tennessee Titans

A quick look at the remaining free agents available.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans haven't been quiet in free agency, but still haven't made some of the splashier moves some fans were wanting.  Since it looks like they are out of the mix for the Dont'a Hightower sweepstakes, let's take a quick look at some names that are still out there that the Titans could pursue at positions of need.

Wide Reciever

Michael Floyd, Anquan Boldin, Kamar Aiken, Brian Quick, Cordarrelle Patterson.

I would say Michael Floyd is out due to his off the field issues.  Aiken could give some good depth and competition at the slot, and Quick is at least serviceable.  I'm all for picking up CP to return kicks, but wouldn't count on him as a receiver.  Boldin could be like last years Andre Johnson signing and seems like a J Rob kind of guy.  Hard working and dependable route runner that can fight for the ball over the middle.

While the Titans are sure to add to the position through the draft, it would be nice to add some depth and veteran competition to the squad.  None of these contracts should break the bank.  Personally I would like to see Patterson, Boldin and Aiken out of this group.


Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, Brandon Flowers, Terrance Newman, Sam Shields, Valentino Blake, Darius Butler

A lot of these guys are old and getting slower/injured more often.  Again, nothing wrong with adding some veteran presence and competition to at least have a solid back up plan if a rookie takes time to work out.  Out of this group I like Claiborne the best as he had his best year yet last year.  Blake wasn't good by any stretch last year, but I did feel like he got better towards the end of the season and at least knows the system.  Butler isn't shutting anyone down 1 on 1, but could be moved around with Cyprien in a "hybrid" package that LeBeau might like.

Others of Note

Brian Schwenke - I would have no problem bringing back Schwenke to back up Ben Jones or be a swing guard player.  I can only assume his play will get better now that he won't be stuck next to Warmackin'.  He'll probably get starter money elsewhere though.

Connor Barwin - Kevin Dodd insurance.  He's still got some gas left in the tank and be an outside edge rusher on passing downs if Morgan or Orakpo need a breather.

LeGarrette Blount/Latavius Murray - If the money is right, and they would actually do it, then why not have one of these guys as your 3rd RB?  Blount could add a 3rd "thunder" to the Titans backfield and both of these guys can catch the ball as well.  There weren't enough carries to go around last year as it was, but either of these backs would be an amazing insurance policy.

Mychal Kendricks - Apparently the eagles are shopping the inside linebacker for a 5th round pick. I say do it.  He's a good fit for a 3-4 and LeBeau would love to send him up the middle on a zone-blitz.  I'm not sure how he is coverage, but there really aren't a lot of other options out there other than Dont'a Hightower, and honestly, I'm tired of even hearing that name at this point.

So who do you guys want that's still out there?  Who did I leave out?