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Dont’a Hightower to visit the Steelers

Why wouldn’t he?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The never-ending saga continues. Adam Schefter is reporting that Dont’a Hightower has scheduled a visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers:

I am starting to wonder if the Titans are really even in the mix here. Hightower is clearly taking more meetings in an effort to drive up his price. It’s like when you take a date to the dance that you don’t even like to make the person that broke up with you jealous. Trevor knows what I’m talking about.

The Steelers are known for their linebacker play, but you know who has just about as much to do with that as anyone? Dick LefreakinBeau. Any linebacker should be dying for a chance to play for LeBeau. I have clearly moved on to the anger phase.

The worst part about this is that it pushes the decision back at least another day. I know you are all looking forward to another “Dont’a Hightower watch” post again tomorrow morning.

[UPDATE]- Take that, Dont’a!