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Dont’a Hightower watch continues: Day 3

Will the linebacker ever sign with anyone?

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We are now entering day 3 of the Dont’a Hightower will he or won’t he sign with the Titans watch. We have had highs- like yesterday’s “reports” that he was closing in on a deal with the Titans, and we have had lows- like Paul Kuharsky saying yesterday to “tamp down expectations” that Hightower would sign here.

I hate to be the “I know a guy” guy (and in this case it is actually a girl that I know, but whatever) who knows Hightower. She says that he is holding out for the most money. That is the case with most guys, but it especially makes sense for Hightower who already has 2 Super Bowl rings. It’s time for him to get paid at this point.

We were all hoping that Logan Ryan, who has played the last 4 years with Hightower in New England, would help with the Hightower recruiting efforts, but Ryan said yesterday he was going to let Dont’a handle his business:

There is still probably some recruiting going on behind the scenes.

A guy who used to do some writing around here made a really going point that I really don’t like on Twitter this morning:

Jon Robinson should just up his current offer by about 5 mil and get this thing done (not really because that is not the smart way to build a long-term winner, but dang it I really want Dont’a Hightower)!

This thing has to be nearing the end. Hopefully we get an answer one way or another today.