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Titans to sign return man Eric Weems

The special teams reconstruction continues.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Vaughn McClure of ESPN is reporting that the Titans are going to sign Eric Weems from the Falcons. Weems just finished his 10th year in the season. He played 8 of those 10 years with the Falcons (the other 2 were with the Bears) and was with Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie in Atlanta.

People seem to have forgotten how bad the Titans were on special teams last year. One of the places they really need to upgrade was a returner. Marc Mariani did a solid job last year, but Weems is an upgrade.

These are the types of signings that people scoff at in March but really pay off when the season rolls around. Robinson took over a roster that had very little talent on it. He has used free agency to boost the overall talent on the roster while getting his stars in the draft. That is how the most successful teams do it.