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Will Jon Robinson draft exactly like the Patriots did?

It’s a common comparison, but how much water does it hold now that he is the one calling the shots?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last night on MCM Radio Terry and I talked a little bit about how much we know, or don’t know, about the way that Jon Robinson looks at the NFL Draft. A lot of people point to what the Patriots did in the draft during Robinson’s time there as a pattern to what he will do here. Paul Kuharksy asked Robinson an excellent question on The Midday 180 this afternoon today. Did his opinion ever differ from the opinion in the room in New England and what ultimately happened.

Robinson said there were certainly times where he wanted things to go a different way than Bill Belichick and company went. That’s a pretty obvious answer if you really think about it, but we all tend to really lean on the Patriots draft pattern to what will happen here. There’s no doubt it will be similar, but I don’t think we can necessarily predict what he is thinking based on the things that happened there.

Robinson also said earlier in the day that the Titans are open for business with the 5th pick. He also pointed out that a deal is much more likely to be made when the Titans are actually on the clock rather than before the draft like last season.

It’s too early to tell what Robinson will be able to do with that 5th pick, but my guess is that he will jump at the chance to move down a little bit and pick up a second round pick.