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MCM Radio: Talking Alshon Jeffery and Titans free agency

Listen to the latest episode!

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last night Lambert and I recorded our first episode of the newly re-designed MCM Radio. You can listen to the 45 minute episode here. We touched on the draft a little bit, but we spent most of the time talking about the Tennessee Titans in free agency. As you might imagine, most of that talk centered around Alshon Jeffery- who is expected to hit the open market.

We also talked about some guys on defense that could be a potential fit in free agency and how that will shape the draft. Give it a listen. Any feedback is appreciated.

As I mentioned last night, our plan is to record a new episode every Thursday night at 9 central. We should have plenty of information to discuss over the next two weeks with free agency and the draft.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions or topics that you would like to hear discussed. The easiest way will be on Twitter with #MCMRadio.