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Mike Garafolo says Titans will be very active in free agency; target Alshon Jeffery

The NFL Network analysts joins the chorus singing Alshon Jeffery to the Titans.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Alshon Jeffery to the Titans drumbeat continues to get louder in the national media as Mike Garafolo called the Titans a team to keep an eye on in the Alshon Jeffery market this morning on Good Morning Football.

During the segment they speculated that the market for Alshon Jeffery would be somewhere around $14M per year. While I continue to have my doubts about Jeffery’s fit with the Titans culture off the field, there is little doubt that he would be a huge addition on the field. Jeffery is a true #1 wide receiver in the NFL and not only that, but he also is one of the better run blocking receivers in the game which fits the Titans run-first offense.

I think Jeffery is a massive risk from a number of standpoints including injuries, suspension, and attitude. It will be very interesting to see if the Titans actually pursue him. While his track record as a GM is very short, the first offseason under Robinson saw him bring in exclusively team-first, tough, smart football players as he promised to do from his very first press conference. Signing Jeffery would be a departure from that in my opinion.

The other interesting point from Garafolo’s statement was that he says the Titans are giving off signals that they are going to be “very active” in both free agency and the draft. Robinson proved he wasn’t afraid to wheel and deal last offseason, but he also didn’t commit the kind of money to a free agent that is being thrown around the top names this year. The market at corner and wide receiver seems to be set in the $14M+ per year range for a #1 guy and likely over $10M per year for a starter. That would be significantly more than we handed out last offseason. I tend to agree with Garafolo though. I think the Robinson will be more aggressive this offseason than we have been conditioned to expect as Titans fans over the past decade. I would be absolutely shocked if we don’t come away with one of the top 4 corners on the market (Bouye, Johnson, Gilmore, Ryan) and at least one other starter level player.

We are now just one week away from the start of the “legal tampering” period of free agency so the wait is almost over. I can’t wait to see how Robinson decides to attack this offseason.