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2017 NFL Draft: Finding Potential Trade Partners for the Titans

You know Jon Robinson wants to trade. Let’s find some partners.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Last year around this time, we were mentioning how the quarterback class wasn’t very good and the Titans needed someone to emerge in order to trade down. I’m not sure Jared Goff ever truly “emerged” but the Rams pulled the trigger anyways.

This year, Jon Robinson sits in a different spot. He doesn’t hold the first pick, but he does hold the fifth pick — which is still prime range for a quarterback selection. I think we’re all pretty convinced he’s going to move around on draft night and add some day two picks, but will he have a trade partner?

We keep hearing about how the NFL isn’t very excited about this group of passers. Mitch Trubisky only started for one year. Deshaun Watson was too inconsistent. DeShone Kizer was benched suffering through a four win season. Patrick Mahomes has some major mechanical flaws. There just isn’t that slam dunk quarterback. But as we’ve seen before, quarterbacks always rise no matter what.

So who are some potential dance partners for Jon Robinson? Here are my best guesses.

Buffalo at 10

Apparently the Bills are set to move on from Tyrod Taylor. I don’t know if Taylor is the answer or not, but he certainly seems like a better option than anything on the market this offseason. Anyways, if they do move on they may be forced into a quarterback in the first round. I’d guess getting ahead of the Jets would be a priority.

Cleveland at 12

The Browns are likely to take Texas A&M EDGE rusher Myles Garrett with the first overall pick, but there’s been a ton of speculation about selecting a quarterback with their second first round pick. Could they jump back up to five to get their guy? This would land them directly in front of a QB needy Jets squad at pick six. It also gets them in front of the Bills at 10th overall.

Arizona at 13

The Cardinals are getting at least one more year out of Carson Palmer, but there is nothing behind him on that roster. If they fall in love with a guy from this class, would they come up and get him?

Houston at 25

The Brock Osweiler experience was a disaster. Once again, the Texans sit without an answer under center. Grabbing the 18th pick does nothing for Houston with quarterbacks in place during picks 19-24, but would the Texans go for broke to get up to pick five? This is admittedly a stretch, but Houston has to do something different. If they don’t, they’ll never hang with the Patriots in the AFC.