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NFL Free Agency 2017: Kenny Stills will get WHAT??

That seems like a lot of money for a guy who has never caught more than 63 passes in a year.

Mike wrote up Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills yesterday as a guy the Titans could target once free agency opens. Stills would bring the element of speed to the Titans offense. That is something they were lacking last year.

That all sounds nice, but I was a little bit floored when I saw this tweet earlier today:

That seems like entirely too much for Stills how had just 42 catches last season, but hey, that is NFL free agency. Someone is going to sign Stills to that deal and the media is going to kill them for it.

I would actually be OK with the Titans giving him a deal similar to that one assuming all of the guaranteed money was in the first 2 years of the deal. The Titans have plenty of money, somewhere around $64 million, and they don’t have any big deals to re-work until Taylor Lewan’s 4th year.

Would you be OK with the Titans giving Stills a deal similar to the one I laid out?