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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Next year should be even better.”

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Kordell Stewart is predicting that big things are ahead for the Titans in 2017. A year ago Stewart said the Titans would finish second in the division, and anything beyond that would be an added bonus. Dude was on the money. He said the Titans need to focus on getting Mariota healthy now, and he believes the team is going to be even better next season. He says the team will continue to tighten up in some areas, (receivers, secondary, etc.), and will just continue to build. He predicts the team will win the division next season if they can keep Mariota healthy, and then we will "see what happens."

Quick Hit: Wychek believes he has CTE, and fears the onset of the "scary" symptoms that may be ahead.

Should the Titans return the "Oilers' legacy" to Houston? The article dives into how the overall history of the Houston Oilers has been lost since the team moved to Tennessee, and ultimately became the Tennessee Titans. Moon, Matthews, and Wychek all touch on the subject, and offer up their opinions on the topic. The history of the Oilers is at one point compared to putting something in a box, setting it on a shelf, and forgetting about it as said box becomes all dusty and old. I guess I can see their point, but I hate the Texans and want nothing nice for them, so...sorry not sorry.

Quick Hit: Six things that stood out to Wyatt from the #SuperbOwl.

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