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Titans Super Bowl 52 odds

I might run to Vegas and put some money down.

Now that Super Bowl 51 is in the books, it is time to look forward to Super Bowl 52. I like to tell the truth around here, and the truth is I think the Titans can be Super Bowl contenders in 2017 with another really good offseason. Who doesn’t have faith that Jon Robinson can put together another really good offseason?

That makes the Titans a really, really good bet at 50/1.* I would also be willing to bet that you won’t be able to get a number that good when the season opens in September.

Here is the full list of Super Bowl 52 odds:

2017-18 Super Bowl Odds

Patriots 7/1

Falcons 12/1

Cowboys 12/1

Packers 12/1

Seahawks 15/1

Broncos 17/1

Steelers 18/1

Raiders 18/1

Chiefs 20/1

Giants 20/1

Colts 30/1

Panthers 30/1

Cardinals 35/1

Vikings 35/1

Bucs 40/1

Texans 40/1

Ravens 42/1

Eagles 48/1

Dolphins 50/1

Titans 50/1

Redskins 60/1

Bengals 70/1

Lions 70/1

Saints 75/1

Chargers 80/1

Bills 80/1

Jags 100/1

Bears 125/1

Rams 150/1

Jets 150/1

Browns 400/1

49ers 400/1

*For recreational purposes only.