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Marcus Mariota is progressing well in rehab

But does he care too much?

The Titans hosted an event last night for season ticket holders called Tailgate and Tuxedos. Marcus Mariota wasn’t there because he is rehabbing in Oregon, but he did appear via video sporting a pretty sweet beard. Paul Kuharksy caught up with Mike Mularkey and asked about Mariota’s rehab. Here is part of what Mularkey told Kuharsky:

"He's on pace," Mularkey said. "I'd say probably the thing I am most concerned about him is he's probably in there 10 to 12 hours trying to get this thing (healed), he's probably over-working. I want him to make sure he's being smart about it. Because you know his work ethic -- he's probably going to try to come back as quickly and better than ever."

The first part of that quote reminded me of this scene from The Office:

All jokes aside, it is never a bad thing when the coach is concerned that his franchise quarterback is working too hard.