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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He's a good kid."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Gonna link to articles a little bit differently today. I've had a wicked long weekend getting a nursery ready for my soon to be born daughter. So let's get to it. Paul Kuharsky opens up his mailbag and answers some questions, and so does Jim Wyatt. PK tackles three questions, and the one he appears to dive into the most is a question about going after an inside linebacker in free agency or the draft. Wyatt one ups PK by answering more questions, and some of those asking the questions are a bit #TLDR for my liking. Three Pro Bowl QBs were asked about Mariota, and I haven't read the article yet, but I'm assuming they are all glowing reviews. Yup. I just read it and they all say good things. They say Mariota just has to keep finding ways to keep improving (which I'm sure he will). The three QBs that were asked were Breez, Alex Smith, and Andy Dalton. PFF listed a player that each team should sign during free agency, and they said the Titans should go after cornerback Morris Claiborne. Personally I'd be happier with either A.J. Bouye or Logan Ryan (PLS!). Finally, Jason Wolf asks if the Titans could trade away the fifth overall pick in the upcoming draft. JRob proved he is down to trade away picks. Dude straight up fleeced the Rams last season when they traded the first overall pick to them. Wolf lists off three teams that could possibly trade with the Titans: San Diego, Buffalo, and Cleveland.

That's all for today. Happy reading!