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Tennessee Titans News Links: "You guys know Marcus like I do."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
PK looks at how the Titans try to gain an advantage on offense when a timeout is called. During TV timeouts the Titans will have 11 players huddled close together, and that is 11 players minus a quarterback. Mariota goes to the sideline to talk to the coaches, and the 11 players are out on the field to confuse the defense. A defense will look over the personnel during a timeout, but it makes it difficult for them to determine what the actual personnel is when the quarterback is missing, and there are multiple personnel groupings on the field. It's not a massive advantage, but it does confuse the defense a bit. Pretty interesting little strategy.

Quick Hit: Looking over the current mock drafts for the Titans.

The Titans are expected to hold Mariota out of OTAs this off-season. Mariota is capable of walking on a treadmill in a pool, but he will still be recovering from his injury when OTAs roll around, and the Titans are wanting to be careful with him while he heals. Mularkey doesn't have a specific date for when we will see Marcus in action again, but he's projecting training camp. Just keep healing, Marcus, and keep doing the right thing and being cautious with him, Mularkey!

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