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Vince Young is attempting to make a comeback

This is the happiest day of SuperHorn’s life!

New York Giants vs Tennessee Titans - November 26, 2006 Photo by Mike Ehrmann/NFLPhotoLibrary

Agent Leigh Steinberg announced yesterday on Twitter that he has taken Vince Young on as a client. VY will apparently make an attempt at a comeback in the NFL, and you don’t think he can be successful you are just HATTEN!!!11

My blogging career here at Music City Miracles actually started the week that Vince Young made his first start his rookie year. VY took all of the first team reps that week in practice, but it wasn’t reported until Sunday because Jeff Fisher threatened the media. Those were good times.

And, in case you don’t remember, that was also the Albert Haynesworth stomp game. What a week!

There is no need to rehash the career of Vince with the Titans. We spent the better part of 6 years doing that. What I will say is that he could have been a good NFL quarterback if he had put in the work but he didn’t.

It is probably too late now, but why not take one last shot?