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2017 NFL Draft: The Top Ten Prospects for the Tennessee Titans

A look at the top ten prospects for the Titans.

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This board will likely change as Titans General Manager Jon Robinson fills some needs in free agency, but this is a good look at some of the guys the Titans will be considering in April.

Keep in mind that this is a Titans specific board, so some top talents that don’t fit what they Titans need (Cook, Fournette, Ramczyk for example) won’t be listed.

I’m sure you will all agree with my assessments. Let’s dig in!

1. Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M

If Myles Garrett was somehow on the board for the Titans, don’t get cute. He’s the best player in this class, flashing some elite size and athletic ability. I don’t think he’s even scratched the surface of his ability yet. Garrett would instantly improve a somewhat average pass rush that took a step forward last season. He would provide a link to the future with Orakpo and Morgan still in place. That would be a really nice rotation of rushers, with Garrett leading the way.

2. Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

Marshon Lattimore is legitimate. I’m not sure why the buzz on him is so quiet, but he’s an elite player in this class. His ability to play man coverage and mirror opposing receivers is special. His recovery speed is out of this world. He just doesn’t give up big plays. I’m guessing you’re going to see Lattimore “rise” after he destroys the combine, but take it from me first — he’s a top five player in this class.

3. Jamal Adams, S, LSU

Adams wouldn’t fill the Titans biggest need, but he would give them a blue chipper at a fairly shallow position in the NFL. Adams is a heat seeking missile coming from the defensive back field. He’s so quick to process what he sees in front of him and he can close instantly. He’s a force against the run, filling lanes and gaps like a linebacker should. Adams is a wildcard if he makes it to pick five.

4. Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

Maybe my favorite pure player in this class, Davis has emerged as a true option at 5th overall. Todd McShay mocked him to the Titans last week, a day after I mentioned on Twitter that the Titans should just go ahead and spend the 5th selection on Davis.

Obviously there are a couple of guys that I like a little more than Davis, but you can’t discount him because he played for Western Michigan. He absolutely demolished his competition, which is all you can really ask of small school guys. Davis would give Mariota a big, speedy threat that plays with a “my-ball” mentality. The Titans haven’t had that since...? I really couldn’t tell you when. Davis is a difference maker and totally worthy of the fifth pick.

5. Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

A somewhat underrated need on the roster, inside linebacker was a spot of hot and cold play in 2016. Avery Williamson is a good player, but limited a little in coverage. Wesley Woodyard isn’t a long term option. The Titans could get a lot more athletic and physical in the teeth of their defense by adding Foster. Foster and Williamson would be a really nice combination over the next several seasons.

6. Solomon Thomas, DL, Stanford

While Thomas doesn’t necessarily fit the build of a 3-4 NFL defensive lineman, I think he’s proven he’s disruptive enough that he can play at the five technique position. Thomas knows how to use his hands and get through an offensive line. Just watch the North Carolina tape. He’s quick enough to hop outside and give you some pass rush off the edge on passing downs too. He’s probably going to have to add some weight, but I think Thomas will be a big time player from this class.

7. Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama

Allen and Thomas are both in similar spots. They’re going to be labelled tweeners because of their size, but both can really play. His hands and agility really stand out in the trenches. I think he has the ability to give you some pass rush from the inside or the outside, but scheme fit will be key with him.

8. John Ross, WR, Washington

I keep coming back to John Ross, mainly because if the Titans don’t go receiver with the 5th pick, Ross becomes a very real possibility for the Tennessee. He’s absolutely electric and can blow the top off of a defense, but is he physical enough for what the Titans want to do? The only reason I have him listed above Mike Williams is because Mike Mularkey has already mentioned that he wants to add speed. If he wants speed, the buck stops with Ross.

9. OJ Howard, TE, Alabama

Here’s a name that’s been picking up steam with the Titans over the past few weeks. You know Mike Mularkey loves his tight ends. He uses two tight end sets almost exclusively in the run game, and OJ Howard is no stranger to run blocking. He offers a top of untapped receiving ability as well as he was almost forgotten about in the passing attack at Alabama. I think they’re going to love Howard, but I’m interested to see if Robinson pulls the trigger on a guy with so little production.

10. Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

If Jon Robinson wants a sizable (6-1) corner that can press, Jones is the pick at 18. He’s the second best corner in the class for my money. You know Robinson will love his nine career interceptions. The only issue is his slender frame. He’s listed at 170 pounds and will have to add weight, no doubt. Can he keep his speed with the extra weight on?

Next 3: David Njoku, Mike Williams, Malik Hooker