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Tennessee Titans News Links: " can sleep like a baby."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Falcons QB Matt Ryan says Mariota is in good hands with Mularkey and Robiskie. Ryan was drafted by the Falcons back in 2008, and had Mularkey as his Offensive Coordinator from 2008-2011, and Robiskie was the receivers coach from 2008-2015. Ryan says that both men were a huge part of his development as a player. He said that Mularkey is one of the most detailed and organized people he has ever been around, and that he considers him a great friend. On Robiskie: he said Terry is a fun guy, and a great football coach. He said he brings a lot of toughness, and he feels he saw some of that toughness in the Titans this past season.

Quick Hit: McCourty twins don't share Super Bowl success.

Jerry Jones has no issue with Amy Adams Strunk or the Titans' ownership structure. Jerry said he has no suggestions on altering the ownership structure of the Titans. The owners around the NFL have no problem with the way the team's ownership is set up, but the NFL aren't exactly fans. Ol' Jerry also shared a fond memory of good ol' Bud Adams as well.

Quick Hit: Belichick and Kraft laud Titans GM Jon Robinson.

Bonus Link: Mock Draft Media Consensus Vol. 2

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