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Did you watch Matt Ryan on Thursday Night Football?

Is there anything we can take from his performance to make us feel better about Marcus Mariota?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I get accused of being a Marcus Mariota apologist all the time on Twitter. This post is going to give those people a little bit more ammo. I honestly don’t get to watch a lot of NFL games live that don’t involve the Titans with everything else I have going on in my life, but last night was an exception. I got to watch the last 5 minutes of the first half and the entire second half of Saints vs. Falcons.

There are very few franchise quarterbacks in the NFL right now, but Matt Ryan is absolutely one of them...and you know what, he was terrible last night. He threw 3 picks but it could/should have been 4. He got bailed out on a terrible decision when a linebacker for the Saints dropped a pass right in his hands, and to be fair it would have gotten nullified anyway because of a penalty on the Saints away from the ball. Having said that, it also needs to be pointed out that one of the interceptions wasn’t his fault. Ryan threw a pass that hit Austin Hooper right in the chest, bounced off of him and fell right into the hands of a Saints defender.

On the year Ryan has 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions a year after he had 38 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. Do you think people are saying Ryan isn’t the answer today?

That brings us to Marcus Mariota. He threw 4 picks in a Thursday Night Football and the whole world was ready to give up on him. Here’s the thing, even the best quarterbacks go through stretches of bad play. Mariota is going through one right now, but he will come back from it. Hopefully something clicks over this last month of the season and his bounce back will coincide with a playoff run for the Titans.