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Terry Robiskie on Fritz Pollard Alliance’s list of potential head coach candidates

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the Fritz Pollard Alliance submits names to the NFL of minority coordinators/position coaches that they identify as having the potential to move up and become head coaches. Here is their list for this year:

You could interest me in George Edwards or Steve Wilks, but let’s be honest, Terry Robiskie doesn’t belong on this list. His offense is vastly under performing the talent and expectations it had coming into the season. Robiskie has a 3rd-year quarterback in Marcus Mariota who has regressed in a season where he should have taken a huge step forward. How does that make you a person that deserves a shot a becoming a head coach?

The Titans coaching staff doesn’t have that “hot guy” who is next in line to get a shot. In fact, Mike Mularkey talked about the fact that he wanted coaches who weren’t looking to move up on his staff last season. It seems that goal has been accomplished.