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Week 13 in the AFC South

The Titans remain on top!

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

There were only 2 games in the AFC South this week. The Texans and the Titans game that I am sure most of you suffered through just like me. The Titans found a way to win, as they have most of the season, but it wasn’t pretty. Tom Savage ended up with 365 yards passing. That is hard to believe.

The other game featured the Colts and Jaguars in Jacksonville. The Jaguars won 30-10. Blake Bortles, as he always does against Indianapolis, had a really good game. He threw for 309 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Jaguars are winning games in a prettier way than the Titans are right now. It is impossible to deny that, but much like our concerns with Tennessee when they eventually face a good team, there are plenty of red flags with the Jags.

The Jacksonville run game continues to struggle. Leonard Fournette is only averaging 4 yards per carry on the season and that includes runs of 75 and 90. He only averages 3.2 on the season if you remove those two runs.

This post isn’t actually intended to prove that the Titans are better than the Jags. I believe that they are, but I can also understand the other side of the argument. This is just to say that while the national media is falling all over themselves to praise the Sparkle Kitties, they have plenty of issues of their own.

AFC South Standings after week 13:

  1. Tennessee Titans 8-4
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-4
  3. Houston Texans 4-8
  4. Indianapolis Colts 3-9