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On wanting the Titans to lose Sunday so Mike Mularkey gets fired

Get that out of your mind and get behind this team!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are playing a meaningful week 17 game for the first time in almost 10 years, and yet there is a group of Titans’ fans out there that hope the team loses and misses the playoffs for the 9th straight season. All because they think that will get Mike Mularkey fired. This is really, really dumb.

First of all, Mularkey isn’t getting fired even if this team misses the playoffs. I get the argument for why he should be, and I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the Titans won’t win a Super Bowl with Mularkey as head coach, but it isn’t happening after his second year. He was Amy Adams Strunk’s guy from day 1. She is going to give him more than 2 years.

Secondly, let’s say that Jon Robinson thinks it is time to move on from Mularkey and he can actually convince AAS to fire him, do you really think that a win in week 17 and backing into the playoffs as the 6 seed is going to change anything?

Anyone with eyes can see that this team has underachieved this season even at 9-7. The Titans are never going to have an easier schedule than they did this season. Just look at how much tougher the AFC South will be next season with the return of Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus to the Texans and Andrew Luck to the Colts. There is never going to be an easier year to win the division, and the Titans didn’t do it this year. You know what? Winning Sunday doesn’t change that.

But winning Sunday does give us at least one more week of Titans football. Winning Sunday gives the players that have worked since last season the opportunity to realize the dream of playing in the NFL postseason, and as Terry said on the podcast last night (listen here), winning Sunday gives Marcus Mariota and company the chance to get some playoff experience. That will be invaluable for next season when the team should have a legit shot to be a contender.

So get behind this team on Sunday. Go to the game if you have tickets. If you can’t go and you have tickets, get them to someone who can go. These players deserve your support.

And hey, if nothing else, it is always fun to beat the Jaguars because Jalen Ramsey is the biggest punk in the NFL and their fans are the absolute worst. A win will also probably give the Titans a chance to knock the Jags out the playoffs next week. That would be glorious!!!!1