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Titans Fans: Get Excited

Right now, this game is all that matters for this team.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

January 10th, 2009. What an awful day that was. I remember it like it was yesterday. After a magical season in which the Titans were the best team in the conference, things came crashing down. Lendale White fumbled the ball, Cortland Finnegan and Chris Hope collided on a deep ball, Algae Crumpler blew it, Chris Johnson got injured, and the refs completely missed a delay of game on a crucial drive. For a long time, that felt like the lowest point of my fandom. This team has yet to recover from that day. After the 2008 season, I was absolutely convinced that this team was headed right back to the playoffs, where they would right their wrongs. However, football has a funny way of playing out. Instead, the team started 0-6, essentially ruining the next season. The year after, Vince Young melted down, Mike Heimerdinger was diagnosed, and Jeff Fisher was fired. We then had to agonize through the Munchak, Locker and Reinfeldt era. Again, I thought we had reached the lowest point of my fandom. How could it possibly get any worse?!?! Well, I think we all know the answer. I'll leave it at this: Tommie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt. We have endured a ton since that cold, wet, nasty, and disappointing day in January, 2009. Being a Titans fan has taken on a whole new meaning. What was once a consistent top franchise slipped through the cracks of irrelevancy. So many blowouts, coaching changes, free agents busts, and games turned off in the second quarter. And yet...we are still here. If you are reading this with vivid memories from the previous mentioned moments, it means that you love this team. You have stuck around through the toughest moments, possibly considering renouncing your fandom after the whatever latest letdown was at the time. However, just like anything you truly love, you came right back to it. But now, this team has the chance to reach a place that they have not been in a long time. We have been through so many lows that it is FINALLY time for a high.

Look, I get it. This team really shot themselves in the foot over the past three weeks. You may not be happy with how the offense has looked. You might think that Derrick Henry should get more touches. I am with you. However, all of that needs to take a backseat this week. Whenever the season ends, we will have an entire off-season to complain, dissect each roster hole, reflect upon different successes and failures, and more. However, what matters right now is that this team finally has a chance to right their wrongs from 8 years ago. We have learned that a game like this is not something that can be taken for granted. Who knows when the next time this happens will be? This is essentially the team's first playoff game since the Ravens game. I am ready for this team that I love to get back to where they need to be. As we suffered through some long seasons, how many times did we say, "I just want this team to play in a game that matters on week 17?" Well now, we are facing the ultimate game that matters. Win against your rivals who ruined your season last year, and you are IN the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. We've gotten exactly what we have asked for, and it is time to back our words up as fans and get behind this team.

I want fans to put their all into this game. Think about how important this game is for the franchise, buy tickets, give tickets to other Titans fans if you can't make it, wear your gear, DRINK (responsibly), and get loud!!!! Right now, for this team, Sunday is the only thing that matters. Guys, we deserve to make the playoffs. We have gone through so much as fans. Every time we've thought that this team was about to turn the corner, we were let down. But now, the fans can play a part. Even with a small crowd, we saw the effect that getting loud and being passionate can have when Nissan Stadium was rocking as the hated Texans had three straight false starts with the game on the line. Now, with all of the chips in the middle of the table and stakes higher than ever, we can watch our team fight their way into the playoffs against an even more hated Jaguars team. When that day comes, I will be ready to bring the new year in the right way, with a playoff team that I proudly got behind. To all those who may have mixed feelings or even want to lose for some absurd reason, stop it. This team has been through too much and we have been through too much as fans to even have one iota of mixed emotions. This teams needs to make the playoffs and take the next step as a franchise more than ever. If you are reading this, I know that you love this team. And we need every single person who truly loves this team to absolutely put their all behind the Titans, get fired up for the game, and help bring this team to victory. As we get closer to the game, I will continue to work towards getting each and every fan as excited and ready as possible. We have been through so much. Enough is enough. The time is now......GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!