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The one thing I would change about the Titans season is the regression of Marcus Mariota

It has been tough to watch!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation NFL blogs have a theme we all write about every Wednesday. Today’s theme is “the one thing I would change about my team’s season is...” That is a pretty tough one because there are quite a few things to chose from here. I could pick the play calling, or all of the hamstring injuries, or the outcome of the West Coast trip that the Titans just wrapped up.

Ultimately, I decided that the one thing I would change about the Titans season is the regression we have seen in Marcus Mariota. It has been a brutal year for him, and it has us all wondering what he will look like going forward- especially if there are no changes to the coaching staff. He needs to be running and up-tempo, spread-type offense. Mike Mularkey wants to run a slow, tight offense. Those two things haven’t gelled this season.

We all thought the Titans had a chance to be a contender heading into this season. The biggest reason we felt that way was because of how well Mariota played last season. Now we are left wondering, even if this team does make the playoffs, if the Mariota-Mularkey marriage will ever be anything better than just above average.