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Pro Football Focus lists Kevin Byard as one the biggest 2018 Pro Bowl snubs

They’re not wrong.

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Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last night I wrote that Kevin Byard not making the Pro Bowl is ridiculous. Well Pro Football Focus agrees with me. They have him listed as one of their biggest Pro Bowl snubs. Here is what they had to say:

This one is perhaps the greatest irony of this year’s Pro Bowl rosters. Usually the players with the gaudy box score stats make it whether they deserved it or not, but Byard is actually tied for second in the league in interceptions, having led for most of the voting period, and somehow missed despite actually matching that box score stat with his overall play. Byard has been an excellent cover safety for the Titans, really making a statement in the heart of that improved secondary, and breaking up a further seven passes (leading all safeties) on top of the six he has picked off.

We talked about the Byard snub on the podcast last night (listen here). As we talked about, sometimes it takes a year longer for guys in this market to get the recognition they deserve. It happened with Jurrell Casey and all the way back to Keith Bulluck.

As an aside, the Titans got zero players on the 2003 Pro Bowl team. That year they started out 1-4 but ended the season 11-5. The Titans did a big production for all of the Titans players named to the Pro Bowl team at the stadium and then put up a blank face on the board. The crowd went crazy. It was awesome.

I know what you are thinking, cool story, bro.