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NFL playoff picture: Updated standings heading into week 16

It feels like the dream is slipping away.

Tennessee Titans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Titans playoff chances took a big hit with their loss to the 49ers in San Francisco in week 15. They would be in a lot better shape, although still not a lock by any means, if they could have found a way to win against the Cardinals and/or the 49ers. Now they have to find at least one win against the Rams or the Jaguars.

The more concerning part about this is that the Titans no longer control their own destiny. (You can run the different scenarios yourself here) If the Titans, Bills and Ravens all end up with the same record, whether it is 10-6 or 9-7, Tennessee would be left out. They obviously hold the tiebreaker over the Ravens because of the head to head win, but that goes out the window in a three way tie.

The Ravens (8-6) have the Bengals and Colts left. They will most likely win both of those games.

The Bills (8-6) have at the Patriots and at the Dolphins left. They won’t beat the Patriots in Foxborough this weekend, but that week 17 game against the Dolphins in Miami is a tossup. The Bills beat the Dolphins 24-16 in Buffalo this past weekend.

The Titans could also still win the AFC South with a win over the Rams, a Jaguars loss to the 49ers, and then a Titans win over the Jags in week 17. I am not holding my breath for that scenario to play out.

It’s not over yet, but man does it feel like the Titans wasted a golden opportunity to get to the playoffs for the first times since 2008.