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Rishard Matthews says he would rather have Marcus Mariota calling the plays than Terry Robiskie

I think we can all agree with Rishard here.

Tennessee Titans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Cameron Wolfe had an interesting quote from Rishard Matthews in an article last night. Wolfe was asking Matthews why the Titans have so much success when running the no huddle offense. Here was Rishard’s response:

"I’d rather have Marcus calling the shots," Matthews said. "There’s proof in the success when that happens. I’d like to do no-huddle more. I know we’d all like to do it more. We definitely talk about it a lot. Sometimes we go into it a lot. Sometimes we don’t. This game we stayed in it, and I feel like we were pretty good when were in it."

Wolfe went on to say that “several” players made similar comments. It sure sounds like the offense has lost faith in the guy calling the plays. That is not a good place for the offense to be.

It is easy to see how they got there though. Take out how we wish they would play or when we think they should run or pass, these guys see Marcus Mariota out there confident and playing lights out when he gets to do the stuff he feels comfortable doing. That is why they want to see more of it. That is why we all want to see more of it.

To be honest, it is coaching malpractice that it took this long for the Titans to go to no huddle more than just when they are running a two minute drill. That is at the top of the list of reasons why Mike Mularkey should be fired.