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49ers beat Titans on last second field goal, 25-23

Brutal loss.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another disappointment out west. The Titans fell to the 49ers today in a back and forth contest. The loss drops Tennessee to 8-6, making things that much tougher on them in the playoff race.

Here’s how it played out.

Bend but don’t break — that’s been the strategy and routine for the Titans’ defense as of late. It continued early on against the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo had a nice start, hitting quick outs and moving the ball into Tennessee territory a couple of times, but the defense stood tall when they had to. San Francisco was held to two field goals in the first quarter, holding a quick 6-0 lead.

Continuing another trend, the Titans’ offense started slow. Near the end of the first quarter, the offense finally put something together. Tennessee had a golden opportunity to take a lead, but Delanie Walker dropped a touchdown pass from Marcus Mariota. The Titans settled for three points, as they have too many times of late.

Garoppolo answered though, putting together a devastating 18 play drive to take a commanding 13-3 lead. The drive took up half of the second quarter.

Marcus Mariota was tasked with getting something going before halftime, but a Delanie Walker fumble derailed that thought. The 49ers took over and were able to add another field goal to bring the lead to 16-3.

Finally, we saw some vintage Mariota. It was a no-huddle, hurry up approach that saw Mariota go 5-6 for 60 yards and a touchdown. The Titans had to have it and Marcus Mariota delivered it. Walker redeemed himself with a tough grab in the back of the endzone.

The score brought Tennessee back to within six, trailing 16-10 at halftime.

The Titans came out of the halftime break and sustained another drive. Mariota continued his success, getting the ball to Eric Decker and Corey Davis. Tennessee couldn’t punch this one in though, settling for three points.

The defense came back with a stop after a drop from Trent Taylor on third down. The offense came out with a no-huddle look, trying to continue their success from the drive before halftime.

Derrick Henry went to work, running out of the gun with some success. Mariota was able to hit Walker over the middle for a big chunk, getting the Titans to midfield.

Mariota picked up another chunk on a key third down conversion to Rishard Matthews. He came back to Rishard a couple of plays later to cap the drive with a touchdown, giving the Titans their first lead at 20-16.

Garoppolo came back quickly though. A big play to Garrett Celek had San Francisco in business. The drive looked promising, until a massive third down sack derailed the drive. It was Wesley Woodyard coming up the middle, just as he has for much of the season.

The 49ers added three, bringing the Titans lead to one.

The next drive for the Titans was derailed by a holding call after what appeared to be a first down run by DeMarco Murray. A quick three and out gave the 49ers a shot to retake control of this game.

Right on cue, Garoppolo hit Kendrick Bourne for a massive gain, flipping the field. George Kittle took a quick out route for 15 on the next play. Adoree Jackson had a chance to change the game with a pick in the endzone that fell right in his lap, but he dropped it.

Garoppolo lived to play another down. The 49ers ran a quick screen to Trent Taylor for what appeared to be a touchdown, but offensive pass interference called that one back, creating a 3rd and 28 in the process.

Robbie Gould improved to 5-5 on the day, nailing a 48 yarder to give the 49ers a 22-20 lead. Marcus Mariota and the Titans would get the ball back with three minutes to play.

Mariota went to work, hitting Corey Davis on an out route. After two incompletions, He came back to Eric Decker to bring up fourth and inches. Mariota converted with a sneak.

DeMarco Murray and Delanie Walker picked up a couple more yards to get the Titans into field goal range. Murray got one more run from the gun on third and two, but got stuffed.

Ryan Succop would come on to attempt a 50 yard field goal, which he drilled. Back and forth we went. The Titans now led 23-22 with 1:07 left.

Garoppolo got the ball back and made it look easy. Quick strikes across the middle had the 49ers in field goal range in just three plays. It was a weakness all day and Jimmy exploited it one more time.

Robbie Gould came on to attempt the game winner with just two seconds left. He didn’t miss. The 49ers beat the Titans 25-23, sending Tennessee to 8-6.

The Titans will finish at home with the Rams and Jaguars in the final two weeks. We’ll see if they can rebound, but that’s two tough matchups. 8-8 is on the table — if not likely at this point.