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Marcus Mariota looks healthy in first practice in Arizona

Mariota doesn’t seem to be bothered by the knee sprain.

Tennessee Titans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Marcus Mariota’s injury(ies) seem to be all the talk today. We know he has a sprained knee from the game against the Cardinals. Paul Kuharksy reported that the hamstring and ankle are still bothering him. The good news is that he continues to battle through these issues.

Well earlier today Jim Wyatt:

Video: @titans QB Marcus Mariota with rapid fire throwing in today’s practice

A post shared by Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) on

And Kuharsky:

posted video of Marcus Mariota throwing the ball. He doesn’t appear to be limping or favoring any of the injuries. That has to at least be a good sign.

There is no doubt Mariota’s health has contributed to his struggles, but that is by no means the only problem with his play this season. He seems to have lost confidence in his protection and looks to be trying to compensate for that by deciding where he is going with the ball before the snap. That has led to him locking onto receivers and telegraphing where he is going with the ball. Hopefully he can change that, but I don’t have a lot of confidence that he can now that he has been doing it for the majority of the year.