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Tennessee Titans: Who To Root For

A look at the upcoming match ups of interest

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

I could be wrong but there may still be a handful of Titans fans that still want the team to make the playoffs. If you want them to lose out so that it will somehow expedite the departure of the current coaching staff, then I guess you can just take everything as opposite in this article.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You want the Jacksonville Jaguars to lose every game. Unfortunately it looks like the Titans are heading towards a fight for one of the wildcard slots so let’s see who’s playing who this week.

Current Standings

Current AFC Standings

Given that the Steelers are a lock for their division and New England has basically won theirs, it’s the Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, and Chargers the Titans are most concerned about. These are the teams the Titans only have a one game lead on. Technically the Dolphins and Raiders could be a concern as well.


Dolphins @ Bills - Root for the Dolphins in this one. They aren’t likely to win out and the Bills play the Patriots the following week.

Ravens @ Browns - Obviously root for the Browns here. The Titans really need the Ravens to stumble along the way here somewhere, but they have an easy stretch of Browns, Colts, and Bengals to finish the year. They very well could end up 10 - 6 in the end.

Chiefs @ Chargers - This is a tricky one. The Chiefs only have Miami and Denver after this. The Chargers have the Jets and Raiders which is a tougher schedule, but they are also playing red hot right now. Basically whoever wins this one, you want to keep winning and the other to keep losing. Someone will win the division regardless, so as long as the runner up is off the Titans tail, it doesn’t matter who. I’m leaning Chiefs here, because I think they could win the next 2 pretty easily, and also because I would hate to somehow see the Chargers in the playoffs if the Titans make it.

That’s pretty much it. Technically you want the Raiders to lose as well, but they have a tough row to hoe with the Cowboys, Eagles and Chargers remaining.

Of course the crux to all of this is the Titans winning this week in San Francisco. That is of course unless you want them to lose so the staff doesn’t earn any false accolades and carry the team into an extended oblivion of mediocrity and frustration.