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One Titans offensive stat that tells you all you need to know about the struggles

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Got this little nugget from the good folks over at Pro Football Focus last night:

Against the Cards, Titans runners averaged just 0.4 YPC before contact. They averaged 1.9 YPC before contact going into Sunday, of which ranked fifth in the NFL.

As Terry said earlier today, Marcus Mariota is hardly the only problem with the Titans offense. A team that is built on running the football is going to have a lot of problems if they can’t get their running back more that 0.4 yards before contact.

Last year, per PFF, Titans running backs averaged 2.3 yards before contact. Again, there is no one thing wrong with this offense, but you better believe that everything would look a lot better if that number was still up over 2.

We have been saying for most of the season that the offense won’t be fixed until the running game is fixed. Well, the running game still hasn’t been fixed. Odds are it won’t be this year.