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On calling for Mike Mularkey’s job

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The way I see it there are three types of Titans fans:

  1. The group that thought Mike Mularkey was a terrible hire and will never get behind him no matter what he does.
  2. The group that though Mike Mularkey was a terrible hire but were willing to at least wait and see what he did as the head coach of the team.
  3. The group that was skeptical of the Mike Mularkey hire but would wait and see results before passing judgement.

There wasn’t really anyone out there that loved the Mularkey hire and would give him a couple of years of rope before calling for his job, at least not that I have heard from.

You can look at that list and figure out where you belong. I fell into group #2. I thought it was ridiculous that they didn’t do an actual coaching search to try and find a guy that could really come in and tailor the offense to Marcus Mariota, but there was no reason to write him off from day one.

If you just look at Mularkey’s record since taking over as the full-time head coach (meaning not counting the interim record because that wasn’t with his system and staff), it is hard to argue with the results. He currently sits at 17-12. That’s really pretty good considering the state of the roster when he took over the job.

Now, you and I both know there is more to the story than the record. The Titans have been able to take advantage of a really soft schedule this season that has featured more back up quarterbacks than starting quarterbacks. Wins are wins, but anyone with eye knew that it was just a matter of time before the Titans were in a game like the one yesterday where their luck ran out. If the Titans had drawn the AFC West and the NFC East for instance, they would be hard pressed to be 8-5 at this point.

With all of that being said, it is dumb to call for Mike Mularkey’s job right now. You aren’t firing a coach that currently holds the #5 seed in the playoffs. However, if the Titans lose out and miss the playoffs it is a different conversation. Especially if we see the same bland offensive performance that we have seen for most of the season. We are way past the point where changes should have been made to help Marcus get comfortable inside of a game.

Let’s gauge the temperature. Vote in the poll and tell me which of the 3 groups you fell in when Mularkey was hired.


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