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This is a “get right spot” for Marcus Mariota and the Titans passing game

Will Terry Robiskie allow Mariota to find his rhythm this week?

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colt Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Do you ever do something all the while knowing it is a waste of time? That’s kind of what I feel like writing this post. I am going to give you some stats about how bad the Texans defense is in a attempt to convince you that the Titans should come out throwing the ball on Sunday while the voice in my heads tells me that Terry Robiskie doesn’t care about any of that. The same case could have been made before last week’s game against the Colts, but here we go anyway.

The Texans are 17th in DVOA against the pass. I don’t know for sure what that number is since the injuries to J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus, but it is safe to say that it is much lower than 17. They gave up 324 and 3 to Alex Smith, 140 to Kevin Hogan but he stinks, 452 and 4 to Russell Wilson, 308 and 2 to Jacoby Brissett, 355 and 3 to Jared Goff, 257 and 2 to American Hero Blaine Gabbert, and 141 to Joe Flacco (who is worse than Hogan). That’s an average of 282 yards and 2 touchdowns per game, and it’s much higher if you take out the two terrible quarterbacks.

The Texans are 23rd against #1 receivers, 30th against #2 receivers, 22nd against “other” receivers and 16th against tight ends (DVOA).

So yes, as Terry has been saying all week when he isn’t banging his head against a wall following the UT coaching search, this is a “get right spot” for Marcus Mariota and the passing game. This will give you something to yell about while the Titans are running DeMarco Murray into the line over and over and over in the first half.