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Colts cut Vontae Davis

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts are a dumpster fire and it’s fantastic.

So the Colts have released Davis on the heels of a week where they benched him after he had been playing hurt for weeks. This from Davis in the linked article:

“I just figured it would be handled differently just knowing our (relationship). That’s the frustrating part. I felt like I was demoted for my (health). That’s the thing. If I get demoted and it’s because I can’t play, I would just say, ‘I (freaking) suck.’”

Davis said that he didn’t hear from Chuck Pagano about his demotion. It was the defensive backs coach that told him.

I don’t pay any attention to Colts Twitter. Do they complain about their ownership and coach as much as Titans Twitter does? Because the thing is they actually have a legitimate beef with their group. Jim Irsay is a disaster and Pagano hasn’t won anything in his time at the helm despite having the only franchise QB in the division for his first 3 years. His best season there is the one the Bruce Arians coached.

Indy is burning and it is really, really fun to watch.