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Breaking down the Kevin Byard tipped interception

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Every Tuesday Logan Ryan joins The Midday 180 from 1:00 to 2:00 for The Logan Ryan Show. You should be listening to it every week because Logan gives some really good insight on what goes on behind the scenes. Last week he and Paul Kuharsky had a really good debate on the notion of a “bad win.”

This week Kevin Byard joined Ryan for the show. Paul Kuharsky asked them about Byard’s first interception on Sunday where Ryan knocked the ball up in the air:

It was really cool to hear them break it down. Byard said basically the same thing that Brian Baldinger said here. Once he realized the tight end, Maxx Williams, was staying in to block, he just turned and ran up the hash to help out deep.

Ryan said he recognized the play because he had broken up the same play in the end zone earlier in the game. He said he left his man to “help out Adoree” on the deep post.

Hopefully the guys at the Midday 180 will podcast this later so you can listen if you missed it. I will link that if they do.

[UPDATE]- You can listen here.