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Will you get Titans-Texans on your TV Sunday?

The Titans-Texans game is the one in orange above (Courtesy of 506 Sports). It is another week of regional coverage for the Titans with Greg Gumbel and Trent Green on the call for CBS. I am old enough to remember when the Titans got the “A” team back in week 1, but hey, Gumbel is better than our old friend Spero Dedes.

Here is the early viewing map on FOX:

No game here in Nashville because the Titans are at home. That Minnesota @ Atlanta game will probably be a pretty good game to watch.

Here is the late game map:

I am glad we get Carolina @ New Orleans. That should be a really fun game to watch. The Saints have that Alvin Kamara kid who is apparently pretty good. It seems like we would have heard more about him while he was in college, but he apparently didn’t get very many snaps. Where did he go again?