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Mike Mularkey says Corey Davis needs to be a better blocker

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Eric Decker played more plays on Sunday against the Colts than Corey Davis did. That jumped out to me when I saw the snap counts yesterday morning. Fast forward to Mike Mularkey’s afternoon press conference and we get this (from Jim Wyatt):

“He has to do a better job blocking, not just on screens, but in our run game,” Mularkey said of Davis. “(There were) some plays (on Sunday) if he would’ve blocked we would’ve had bigger plays. He has to do a better job.

“There are shots (where he has done it), but it has to be more consistent and it has to be about finishing. A lot of young guys will look behind to see if the ball carrier is coming. I just tell them, ‘He’s coming. I promise you. Just keep blocking, he is coming.”

I am so glad that the franchise that moved to my city when I was in high school is one that cares so much about wide receiver blocking that they keep really talented receivers off the field when they don’t block well on wide receiver screens thrown to Eric freaking Decker #sarcasm.

Think about this, the Titans have had 4 head coaches since they moved here in the late 90’s. Three of those of four have placed a ridiculous amount of importance on a receivers ability to block. Hey, say what you want about Ken Whisenhunt, but he didn’t care if a receiver could block or not. Heck, he didn’t even care if his offensive lineman could pass block. Remember when he left Will Svitek on an island against J.J. Watt??

Anyway, Corey Davis can block. He was out there mauling dudes in college. Hopefully he can return to that form so he can, you know, actually be out there to do what they spent the 5th pick in the draft on him to do- CATCH PASSES.