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Will you get Titans-Colts on your TV?

Make a note- the Titans game is on FOX this weekend (maps courtesy of 506 Sports). That is a rare occurrence when they are matched up with another AFC team. The orange above is the Titans game, so you will only get it if you live in the Titans or Colts market.

Here is what the rest of your Sunday football viewing will look like:

I doubt I will even change the channel during the commercials with Dolphins-Patriots being my other option. That game currently features a line of Patriots -16.5. That’s the biggest line this year and is probably too low.

As for the afternoon:

Most of the country gets to watch the Saints and Rams. That will be a fun game. We are stuck watching Blake Bortles @ Blaine Gabbert in a showdown to prove which quarterback taken by the Jaguars in the top 10 is worse. Hopefully Bortles proves to be worse and a win for the Cardinals combined with a Titans win over the Colts puts Tennessee back in first place in the AFC South.