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Deshaun Watson suffers torn ACL in practice

Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

WOW. Look, I was terrified of the Texans with Deshaun Watson at quarterback, but I really, really hate to see this:

The Texans have just been decimated by injuries this season. If this report is true, they will now have lost Watson, Whitney Mercilus and J.J. Watt for the season. That is just brutal.

Here’s to hoping Watson will be able to be ready to go next season. Obviously he is going to be a thorn in the side of the Titans for years to come, but you still want to see the stars out there competing.

Watson had posted a 126/204/1699/19/8 line in his 6 and a half games. He threw for 283 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Titans back in week 4. Watson also ran for 24 yards and a touchdown in that game. Dick LeBeau and the Titans defense has no answers for him in that game.

I would assume that this means the Texans will go back to Tom Savage at quarterback.

[UPDATE]- Schefter reporting that Watson did in fact tear his ACL: