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Week 11 NFL power rankings: The Titans should be top 10 (but aren’t)

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

I am going to keep banging this drum until the season is over and the Titans are the AFC South Champions. The Jacksonville Jaguars are not good. In fact, to have them ranked ahead of the Titans in any kind of ranking is just stupid. They have the same record and the Titans crushed them in Jacksonville. THE TITANS ARE THE BETTER TEAM!!1

Anyway, let’s look at power rankings, shall we?

ESPN: 12 (LW:14)

Projected wins: 9.5. The Titans have won four straight, averaging 125 rushing yards per game and outrushing opponents by 222 yards over that stretch. If they can continue to control the ground game, they should have no problem reaching their projected win total.

SB Nation: 9 (LW:12) 11 (LW:14)

With so many teams in front of them struggling, the Titans get a significant bump in the rankings. At 11th, they would be a wild-card team. Is that realistic? You bet, bubbie. Especially if the "exotic smashmouth" (still a make-this-sound-more-complex-than-it-is football moniker) produces 5 yards per carry and 180 yards, like it did Sunday versus the Bengals. Looking at the schedule, Tennessee has a tough game coming up at Heinz. After that? How about at Colts, vs. Texans, at Cardinals and at 49ers. Yep, lotta road trips. Of course, driving to Clarksville is a road trip, too. That don't make it tough. Especially if you're listening to some Highwaymen.

Bleeding Green Nation: 14 (LW:17)

Four wins in a row. The Titans are first in the AFC South at 6-3. It hasn’t been pretty but they’re finding ways to win.

Pro Football Talk: 13 (LW:14)

Dick LeBeau may know a thing or two about what it takes to get under Ben Roethlisberger’s thin skin.