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Titans Podcast: Wrapping up the Bengals, Playoff Discussion


NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are 6-3 and in really, really good shape for the AFC playoffs. They’ve avoided long term injuries ***knocks furiously on wood*** and keep finding ways to win. We’ll talk a little bit about how we personally feel about the team, along with the national media’s public perception.

Mike Mularkey gave us some injury updates, too. Everyone seems like they’ll be ready to roll Thursday.

Jimmy and I will also talk about the Jaguars and how they keep defying logic. December 31st could be a massive spot for both teams.

One note: Due to the Thursday night game this week, we’re going to take tomorrow’s podcast off. We’ll be back Thursday morning with a complete Steelers preview. We’ll also post a reaction podcast directly after the game Thursday night, so look for that.