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You be the Titans offensive coordinator: How would you move the ball with Matt Cassel?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone wants to fire Terry Robiskie...again....after yesterday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. There is no doubt that the offense wasn’t good enough, but what can you expect with Matt Cassel under center?

The real blame here should go to the offensive line. This team’s calling card is supposed to be smashmouth football. They have invested a lot in that line. That is the group they should be able to lean on for a game or two when Marcus Mariota isn’t able to go. They didn’t get it done yesterday.

If I were calling the plays yesterday, I would start with identifying the biggest playmakers on my team and figuring out ways to get them the ball. That means run the passing game through Delanie Walker. The one big play the Titans almost had yesterday was to Walker (It got called back on a crap OPI call). Why didn’t they go back to this play later in the game?

I would also have to design some ways to get the ball in Taywan Taylor’s hands. He is the most explosive guy that is healthy right now. I hate bubble screens, but I might throw one or two of those to him. That would spread the field out a little bit and give Taylor the opportunity to make a play in space.

I asked this same question on Twitter and most people wanted the Titans to run more. The running game wasn’t getting it done yesterday because the offensive line wasn’t getting any push. Handing the ball to DeMarco Murray

At the end of the day, there aren’t a lot of great options here. Cassel just isn’t good enough to win many games anymore. It’s an issue that was obvious in training camp and should have been addressed...but it wasn’t.

Now it’s your turn. You want Robiskie fired. Great, he’s gone and you are the OC. What would you have done differently?