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NFL trade deadline rumors: Could the Titans move DeMarco Murray

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There has been some chatter today on DeMarco Murray possibly being on the move at the trade deadline today. Ian Rapoport even suggested that the Cowboys should call the Titans about Murray:

The short answer here is that the Titans aren’t going to trade DeMarco Murray. Why am I so sure?

  1. It appears the Titans still don’t trust Derrick Henry on 3rd down. That’s a pretty big deal.
  2. The Titans have nothing they can count on behind Murray and Henry. Trevor is going to be really mad at me here, but David Fluellen is not an NFL running back. The drop off there is huge. The Titans are very committed to running the football, in case you didn’t know. They can’t afford to be one play away from Fluellen being the feature back.
  3. Contenders are not trading off pieces for draft picks at the deadline. The Titans are a contender.

So while it’s fun to speculate about the Titans making some big move at the deadline, let’s apply a little common sense to the situation.